Cut & Finish from £50

Long Cut & Finish from £55

Restyle from £55

Blow-Dry from £32

Hair Up from £53

Salon/Barber Cut from £25.00

Clipper Cut from £16.00

Boys Salon/Barber Cut (up to 12 years) from £25

Girls Cut & Finish (up to 12 years) from £35.00



Semi Permanent from £46

Permanent Tint from £50

Regrowth from £46

Part Head Foils from £45

Half Head Foils from £63

Full Head Foils from £80

Toners from £29

Gloss from £32

Custom Colour * by Consultation Only


Keratin Blow Dry


Colour Correction

hubBLEND. 💯 Human Hair Tape Hair Extensions.,!’

All Priced at Consultation Only.


theHUB. Custom Colour* Included services and techniques like Balayage, Bleaching, Baby-Lites, Root Melts & Smudges plus multi toners and all creative colour is priced by consultation ONLY.


Remember Balayage is a technique not a result…!


We believe that the way we approach colour these days has changed here at theHUB. That’s why we have chosen to introduce our ‘NEW’ Custom Colour* Pricing.

Salon guests no longer just want highlights, or baby lights there’s always multi toners, root smudges or a combination of all involved which we love..!


Of course we still do Hi-Lights, Root colours and semi’s but a majority of our colour work is working with our salon guests to provide them with the best colour option for the final desired look.

Bring in a picture to your colour consultation and we will work together to achieve the desired look…

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